Our Clients Have Small Staffs and Big Marketing Goals

We provide comprehensive photography, graphic design, and social media services
to effectively engage your community.

Our clients need pinch creative hitters on a part-time basis or at specific times of the year for special projects. We can work as a supplemental team member to implement your existing marketing strategy, or help you create a comprehensive marketing plan. We have a network of creatives we work with to meet all of your marketing needs.

Businesses and Nonprofits

Our clients are too busy running their business or trying to make the world a better place. They don't need a full-time staff person, or their marketing department need outside services to make their plan a reality. 

Editorial and Social Media Photography
Publication Design
Community Management
Social Media Strategy Development
Content Creation and Curation
Logo and Brand Development

Conferences and Events

A conference is like a professional family reunion. With so much education and certification available on the web, people want to be professionally and personally enriched to build their network and support system. Enthusiastic and engaged members are your best advocates and help build your following. Growing your revenue is dependent on demonstrating a strong and active membership base to attract sponsors and exhibitors.

Social Media Strategy Development
Editorial and Social Media Photography
Conference Program and Annual Report Design
On-Site Social Media Services
Year-Round Consulting

Boston Massachusetts

617 • 491 • 8238

Small Businesses & Nonprofits

• Photography
• Graphic Design for Print and Web Marketing
• Social Media Content and Management
• Grant Writing, Fundraising, and Sponsorship

Conferences & Events

• Photography
• Graphic Design for Print and Web Marketing
• On-Site and Year-Round Social Media
• Photography for Value-Added Sponsorship

Conference Care Package

A sponsorship package to innovate your event, personalize your participant’s experience, and produce revenue for your organization.

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