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Attending food expos only convince retailers to carry your product.

Attending is over $10,000 and more in samples, marketing materials, and staff time.

In-store demonstrations have a limited geographic reach and take up valuable staff time needed to run and grow your business.

The Elusive Marketing Question:

How to get your product from the shelf into the customer's basket?

Conference Care Packages get your product in the hands of thousands of potential future customers. 
Reaching consumers directly is problematic and creating a life-long fan is priceless and requires an inventive marketing strategy. 

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They are going to try your product and there is no better way to create a fan.

Many conferences serve bland rubber chicken dinners that don’t accommodate allergies, food preferences, or religious restrictions. Even the fruit can often be under-ripe or mealy. At night, they watch a movie and wish they had thought to bring a snack.

Build a Fan Base Actively Seeking your Product

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Build excitement for exhibit hall opening.

We Offer Bottom-Up Marketing

• We put your product directly in the hands of thousands of potential customers in their conference swag bag.

• Create content for your own social media promotion using the conference hashtag and gather attendee feedback.

• We promote our relationship with you throughout the year on social media and advocate for your products in our sales promotions.

We Would Love to Hear from You!

We support small companies and unique products that we think our clients will love. Let us know about your product and how we can help you create fans.

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