The Missed Opportunity

Having a game that drives attendees to sponsor booths

include a photo opp thay post for a drawing

create sm content for sponsor

Leave that bingo shaker at home

The social media platforms

Make a series highlighting the advantages of each

hidden boards on pinterest.

twitter lists

fb reach

Follow your future sponsors and exhibitors

Best way to start a soft sell is familiarity.

target by looking at how is exhibiting at similar conferences.

before you send any information follow their company as well as individuals

don't need permissions like email blasts

keep up to date with what they comapny is doing

make a list in twiter, a board on pinterest (private)


pick and image of the week to use as examples (make hashtags like #preconference #post conference #conference marketing

Describe the ways this image can be used

Who benefits from this kind of shot

How it can be used as content marketing across departments

Emotion: Do a series

What feelings do you want your attendees leave with?

Pair with images that convey those feelings

IN PROCESS: Help your members gladly do your marketing work.

Face-to-face events are about experience as well as education.

Provide attendees with taggable photos of themselves with their friends

Give them photo ops they want to post and tag on social media.

Their friendly colleagues and potential future members are now exposed to the fun people have at your conference.

get around the fb algorithm and a more targeted audience of display when goes through personal channels vs buying an ad on fb.

create a photo contest

How an exhibitor or sponsor can use a photographer

In the booth


make your own stock photos

post a generic booth shot from another conference before the current one opens to introduce the staff

How to work more effectively with your conference photographer

ask all the departments their visual needs goals for the upcoming year

anticipate visual content goals for the upcoming year

Take care of yearly tasks like staff headshots

define your boundaries (people w/ drinks)

define your organizational persona (hipster chic or suit and tie)

Create a social media moment at your booth for greater exposure.

Create a social media moment at your booth for greater exposure.

Experiential Content Marketing with Photography

The special touches you have provided - room atmosphere, food

Highlight the unusual things that members bring or do

fun shots of what is going on

hashtag to promote reposting - include their affiliations

include twitter handles etc of subjects

make sample hashtags with 10 pictures slideshare

The visual power of the montage

People want to see their peeps at your conference

Difference between a social media shot and a marketing for exhibitors and sponsors


focus on give aways and one on one interaction

make them feel like it isn't a madhouse and a good time to come on down and get to speak with exhibitors in depth


crowded aisles and rooms. Packed crowds

one on one with attendees

they are paying for access to attendees




selfie challenge

winning event image with a prize - discount ticket for next year

Community building is year round

event is cornerstone of community

Paying for social media market facebook ad rule

facebook ad rule

visual platform - instagram don't post from instagram to twitter it is just a link

analytics - profile visits, new followers, why are you being unfollowed,  engagement reports

Hitting the mark with your website landing page photography

the quinitesential images you need

engaged audience

How to market a party


repost nostalgia pics from last year

ask scenic venues for images

right before and during

post pics of the food spread

bartender holding out a drink

amusements you have gotten

people having fun

Next day

 do a 10 slideshow to highlight so people don't have to scroll

Use the Big Purple Octopus in the room

Mascots make great social media opps

School Dude

Pimp out your photographer

Offer as a service for exhibitors - direct contact wit photographer
coordinate before the show
talk to marketing dept of company not the booth guys

bonus to sponsors
let them know I will be attending their reception or event in appreciation
provide them with images after the event

Patti LaBelle at your conference is DEFINATELY social media marketing

Patti LaBelle at your conference is DEFINATELY social media marketing

Using Photography to Market Sponsorship

list of example photos that they should use - slideshare exhibit hall crowds, sponsor direct access to members, demonstrate community

They want direct access to your members, develop personal relationships

they want to be relatable

modern sponsorship is more than a banner, It is a partnership

include different levels of promotion with different levels of sponsorship

Help them promote their attendance

provide crowd shots and/or booth pics from last year

non-dues revenue

Crafting a simple visual digital marketing strategy

The best method to start off with is creating participation - community

start small with a couple of platforms you members already use. Be where they are.

start with 3-5 posts a week, but be consistent

promote your sm platforms to members

use google alerts with keywords in your industry to get publishable content

after a couple of months take out a couple of push ads with material that have gotten good response rates

there are many tools available for later on down the road to measure ROI

How an exhibitor can utilize a #conference hashtag to market themselves

a set up or a photographical gimick to encourage posting

a contest based on liking or posting

get more visibility to dedicated audience to generate at home traffic

go the extra mile by making it engaging (use tim's cooler shot)

the visual game is more than just real estate. It is what you DO with that real estate. The bar has been raised by phone camera advances.

Members provide free social media marketing content

thier own experiential marketing

dressing odd

make sure you are following your attendees to repost the shots they get of each other

They will repost and tag their other attendee friends

Establish your alcohol policy

Use the exhibit hall vendors to market your conference on social media

What they are giving away

What games do they have (you can ask at sign up to anticipate for photographers shoot list)

Show it is a fun place to be

tag vendor so they retweet

Building excitement

months prior start posting fun pics from last year for #tbt

start promoting your sponsors - allows members to get preacquainted

Use the children

Yes you heard me right.

have your photographer ask if it is ok to publish and have them delete on- site if it isn't to avoid future confusion in usage

Conferences can attract families show that you are family friendly

no one is more excited than a kid

provide resources for family things to do in the area

Illustrate every day things

Provide info like come to registration to get water bottle and swag bag

we have t shirts

lunch is on

Offer portrait services to your board and past presidents

added value

thanking them

something they can use all year long on wall or holiday cards

2 photographers - social media in a bag

the ability to be flexible

cover multiple events

get a jump start on posts for the next day

create slideshows

real time posting

Do a post using social tables webinar

How photography can address the issues raisedcontact about using slides

contact about using slides

Portraits for members and staff

member testimonials

staff headshots

staff group photos

Repurposing photography to promote this year's conference

What images to reuse 


General audience shot

Members meeting members is social media marketing

Members meeting members is social media marketing

Marketing your conference to exhibitors

what are the iconic  images to sell to exhibitors (crowded hall, entry shot, crowded aisles, booth traffic)

what other exhibitors offer (games and giveways)

Visual tips for exhibitors

booth branding - name on face level

high branding good for floor visabiity

Stand near the aisle and be engaging - no phones or schedule once and hour

avoid talking to coworker to the point of exclusion

have some non-sales topics of conversation handy - news from the city you are, how did you link the keynote speakers

Your conference personna effects your conference photography

suit and tie , business casual, t shirt and jeans

your drink/photography policy

The importance of tagging

State affiliates share with those back home

award winners get personal and professional share

their organization shares

Social Media:

Where are your new members?

Picking your platforms -  What are the most visual

where are your current members



Great shots by types: laughing, thoughtful, busy taking notes, a log line of laughers is the best

trying no to get someone sleeping

how to use them

tag people

Retrospective party slideshow

You missed out, bet ya wish you came

The changing face of conference Photography

More Casual Portraits

less stiff

replace the "headshot"

Environmental portraits

venues usually have great lighting and views

Marketing with your speakers

large audiences - get them to promote your event

provide them with images from your conference or city to use in promotion

Get some images from them preconference to use in your promotions

subject matter creates common ground for attendees to start conversations 

face-to-face access to speakers afterward

Marketing with community and networking

face to face is about experience

connect irl with people they interact with online

establish new connections who keep in touch through social media

Improving social media marketing for events

Have a dedicate person on or off staff

Don't be intimidated by social media marketing

start small and see what your community responds to.

Post across platforms to see 

The inauthenticity of stock photography

Being authentic!

Sterile and generic Doesn't reflect your community

face recognition

reflect the positive experience with attendance

Food Porn

people are obsessed with what they ate, what they are going to eat.

encourages socil media sharing

You have put alot of work into providing a unique experience. market what you have already paid for

market what you have already paid for

Using the clear lecturn as a design element

make it fuzzy


decide on a drink policy

show pictures of food and dancing on social media

Celebrating what makes your conference unique

Provide city and neighborhood information

include things to with kids

where to eat within walking distance

Trump faces 

a retrospective of faces

capturing expression

Speaking Expressions


being active


A happy and loyal membership recruits new memebers.

A happy and loyal membership recruits new memebers.

Theme party on a budget

use hoedown

look for Maureen room shots

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