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A Platinum Sponsorship Package to Innovate Your Event

Personalize Your Participant’s Experience

Produce Revenue for your Organization

Increase Your Sponsor's ROI

We are counting the days until we launch our new e-commerce site. 
Please learn all about or our packages here for now and contact us with any questions.

Just like a childhood goodie bag,

a Conference Care Package tells your attendee they are a valued guest.

Instead of tons of sugar, our grown-up version addresses an attendee’s comfort and self-care with a touch of nostalgia. Stopping an irritation from becoming a blister, providing simple organizational tools, or enjoying a late night snack elevates a guest’s conference experience.

How Can A Conference Care Package

Help My Event’s Success?

A thriving membership and an engaging event experience is the key to retain and attract new members and attendees. Sponsors are seeking one-on-one engagement with potential customers and a conference care package brings them directly to the booth. 

Our packages are strategic marketing tools that benefit...

We always leave time for you hang out with your friends.
Introducing your helpful staff at registration is social media marketing

The Attendees

Give them a conversational ice-breaker and the chance to make a friend as well as a colleague. We intentionally select brands that are innovative and address many common dietary concerns. Our vendors feature different flavor profiles promote interaction, conversation, and trading. People come back to conferences where they have friends like a professional annual reunion.

The Association

Build long-lasting relationships with your supporting organizations by giving them a sponsorship option that returns results. Foster community feelings to promote return attendance and encourage future membership growth. Make companies want to financially support your organization for years to come.

The Sponsor

Signage creates brand awareness but a Conference Care Package creates a connection Be the first sponsor to make contact in an attendee's swag bag at registration. Have a direct impact on the attendee's experience throughout the entire event. Drive booth traffic with a raffle ticket redeemable at your exhibit booth. Create a potential face-to-face interaction with every single attendee.

Find your fellow rock stars colleagues and clients at our annual conference. #membership #conferences #associations #sponsorship

Grow Your Membership

When so much information is available on-line, a face-to-face event is about providing attendees an experience and the opportunity for personal connection with colleagues. People come back to conferences that feel like an annual homecoming to see friends.

Grow Your Sponsorship Revenue

A top-tier sponsorship option that produces ROI for your sponsor and added value to your event.

About Us

Nicole Burkart has been working in the conference industry for twenty years and The Conference Care Package is based on the items she personally carries during an event to make the long days more comfortable, fix a problem, or organize materials. Walking the floor of hundreds of conferences has provided the opportunity to talk to attendees and understand their needs.

Let us customize your conference care experience and design a
unique package just for your audience.

Our packages are assembled by Opportunity Works.

This agency has consistently earned exemplary recognition for setting leading standards of excellence in the provision of employment, specialized day habilitation, community, and recreational services and programs for adults with disabilities.

Boston Massachusetts

617 • 491 • 8238

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