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Find your fellow rock stars colleagues and clients at our annual conference. #membership #conferences #associations #sponsorship

Building Your Community
with Photography, Graphic Design, and Social Media

Educational accreditation and professional information are accessible on the web. What makes a person get on a plane is the fostering community your organization has built. People want to be professionally and personally enriched to build a support system of friends and colleagues. Enthusiastic members are your best advocates and these personal relationships are how you build a following.Growing your revenue is dependent on demonstrating a strong and active membership base to attract sponsors and exhibitors. They want yearly access to their active customers and a growing pool of potential clients.

Happy Members = Sponsors & Exhibitors.

Our clients have small staffs and big goals. They need pinch creative hitters on a part-time basis, or at specific times of the year for special projects. We can work as a supplemental team member to implement your existing marketing strategy, or we can help you get your business off the ground.

What Are Your Marketing Challenges?

We Need A Photographer...

We Need Marketing Materials Designed...

We Need Help with Our On-Site Event Social Media...

We Want To Expand Our Year-Round Promotional Efforts... 


We provide member-focused images geared towards social media marketing. We take a personal approach to each income source for your organization: membership, sponsorship, and exhibit hall booth sales.

Graphic Design

Bring us in on a contract basis to meet your project-oriented needs. We can design your conference program, promotional web banners, and other marketing materials.

Social Media Management - Igniting Your Superpowers

We know you are the expert in your field and can provide all the professional tools that your members need. We put the personal touch into your social media community. 

On-Site Social Media

We coordinate a team of creative talent to meet your broadcast marketing needs. Traveling to your destinations year after year lets us develop a more personal relationship with your membership and that shows in your professional marketing strategy.

Year-Long Strategies

Use the visuals created at the annual conference as the backbone of your annual event marketing strategy. #throwbackthursdays

A conversational ice-breaker in each bag. Our innovative brands have a variety of flavor profiles that promote conversation and trading. Combined with gamification, a sponsor can drive booth traffic with a raffle ticket or a social media photo contest.

How Can It Help Grow Our Sponsorship Revenue?

Signage creates recognition but a care package facilitates the face-to-face sales opportunities and connection a sponsor is seeking. Driving booth traffic stimulates sales, reinforces a positive experience, and increases brand loyalty. Demonstrate community and corporate responsibility while creating member engagement.

Boston Massachusetts

617 • 491 • 8238

Small Businesses & Nonprofits

• Photography
• Graphic Design for Print and Web Marketing
• Social Media Content and Management
• Grant Writing, Fundraising, and Sponsorship

Conferences & Events

• Photography
• Graphic Design for Print and Web Marketing
• On-Site and Year-Round Social Media
• Photography for Value-Added Sponsorship

Conference Care Package

A sponsorship package to innovate your event, personalize your participant’s experience, and produce revenue for your organization.

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