Yoga is a journey about developing a deepened and more nuanced awareness physically and mentally

A chronic low back injury brought me to yoga where I began to heal and strengthen my body. What I found was how my yoga practice also addressed the needs of my mind and spirit.

As I began to see the interrelatedness of my emotional and physical states, my whole worldview shifted. I have come to find joy and a sense of being at home in myself and in the world.

I teach a slower more deliberate class, taking the time to actually feel what is going on in our bodies so we can start to change our habits. When we slow down and focus on alignment, breaking tension patterns is more accessible.

We come to yoga to balance ourselves out. I believe in balancing an athletic strength focused practice with a restorative practice to find.

It’s not about contortionism or push-ups but is about balance – enjoy what you’re good at, but you also have to find ways to do what you’re really bad at. 

My yoga classes and my life are deeply indebted to my trainings with David Vendetti in his first Body Awakening Teacher Training, and Ana Forrest in her Foundational Teacher Training. But just as deeply, my practice and classes reflect the love, laughter, and dedication of the broader yoga community. When you come to the studio, you'll see my teachers all around you.

I would love to hear from you! If you know the value of thoughtful yoga instruction and would like customized yoga instruction contact me today so we can start the conversation. email: sarakyoga (at) gmail (dot) com

Yoga Teacher at University Club Boston Yoga Teacher at Blissful Monkey Yoga Studio Worked at South Boston Yoga Worked at Akasha Studio

All Levels

This class is open to a wide variety of practitioners ranging from beginner to more advanced. Always beginning with breath work, then building body awareness to bring through the rest of class to prevent over strengthening your tension patterns and instead balance your body. Modifications are given for all levels of students and props are used to deepen your ability to do the poses.

Hot Yoga

Similar to Sara’s All Levels class, Hot Yoga is a more vigorous class practiced in a heated room. There is some stabilizing work at the beginning followed by an energizing flow with an alignment focus. Her Friday night class begins with rinsing out the workweek and leaves you ready for the weekend. The wall is often used towards the end of class as a prop to assist with more challenging poses.


Balancing to the nervous system, this class is truly accessible to everyone as almost all of the postures are on the floor. With a focus on breath we move through a series of prop supported long holds that work on unwinding deeper layers of muscle tension and fascial release. We often incorporate some self-massage as well to go a little deeper. Restorative yoga is a great to keep you on your mat while injured or a great compliment to an athletic practice. In Sara’s class there is an emphasis on noticing and releasing your tension patterns. Once you take the time to notice these patterns you can drop them to enhance your athletic practice.

SOMA self massage

Soma System is a fascial release system working on connective tissue to release tension. It is a great compliment to any athletic practice or exercise. Sara’s class is similar to a yoga class in that she begins with a restorative breath work. The self-massage techniques are sequences like a yoga class, opening the body for postural alignment and functionality. If you like foam rolling, this is similar, but with more toys!

Blissful Monkey Yoga

South Boston Yoga

Adaptive Yoga is a form of yoga created by Matthew Sanford, who is paralyzed from the chest down and uses a wheelchair. It is designed for people with mobility impairments, wheelchair users and people who have paralysis. Sarah Kochanowski, a yoga teacher in Boston who has trained with Matthew Sanford in Minneapolis, MN will be teaching.

Adaptive yoga puts the focus on how subtle body movements can create more body awareness to create a sense of lightness and freedom with the body and manage stress. It moves slowly giving participants an opportunity to figure out what they can learn about their body’s sensations in each pose. It is closer to meditation than to a gym workout or physical therapy.

There will be verbal instruction for all poses. For people with hearing impairments: poses will be demonstrated and we can make adjustments so you can see the yoga instructor at all times. We welcome people with any kind of body or ability (chronically ill folks, ambulatory folks, wheelchair users, people who experience mental health conditions, etc). You are welcome whether this is your first time trying yoga or you’ve been doing for years.

Boston Massachusetts

617 • 491 • 8238

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