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We put your organization in a fundable position by looking like an you can handle the financial support you seek.

We provide a variety of marketing support services to your fundraising efforts by collaborating with your team.

We identify and engage potential grants and sponsors to create long-term relationships that benefit you both.

Grant Funding

Grants are about convincing a foundation that you are more worthy then another organization.


Sponsors seek exposure and we provide tangible results of how sponsoring your organization is a good return on investment.

Creating Partnerships 

We believe in collaboration with other non-profits to benefit both organizations. We identify like-minded initiatives and brainstorm funding opportunities for both programs.


Memorable Presentations

We believe that looking like an organization that can successfully manage a large grant is the foundation of any grant seeking campaign.

Grant Research

We love the thrill of the hunt!

We stay ahead of new funding opportunities and excel at finding a good fit for institutional funding. 


We think of non-traditional methods of measuring your organizational reach. 


Our target initiatives involve the
local food movement, urban agriculture, and youth art programs.

We have a personal passion to push small non-profits toward increased community involvement, sponsorship, and revenue.

We welcome inquiries from other areas of interest as you never know what will excite us.

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Mladi Most

We launched a photography program at Mladi Most, a youth art and reconciliation project in Bosnia Herzegovina where we taught photography to teenagers helping them define their own story during the war.

We secured funding to start and support three darkrooms across Mostar and produced an internationally traveling exhibition that led to the creation of their own magazine.

Cambridge Performance Project

Nothing is more convincing than cute kids.
We produced slideshows and presentation materials which highlighted the behind the scenes work of this multicultural after-school arts program.

Teen Voices

In addition to art directing and designing a nationwide publication about teen women, by teen women, we created all the visual components needed for grant submission and reporting.

Boston Massachusetts

617 • 491 • 8238

Small Businesses & Nonprofits

• Photography
• Graphic Design for Print and Web Marketing
• Social Media Content and Management
• Grant Writing, Fundraising, and Sponsorship

Conferences & Events

• Photography
• Graphic Design for Print and Web Marketing
• On-Site and Year-Round Social Media
• Photography for Value-Added Sponsorship

Conference Care Package

A sponsorship package to innovate your event, personalize your participant’s experience, and produce revenue for your organization.

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