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Form a Personal Relationship with Your Future Customers

Signage creates brand awareness but
A Conference Care Package creates a connection 

Advantages Over Traditional Sponsorship

Be the first sponsor to make contact in an attendee's swag bag at registration
Has a direct impact on the attendee's experience throughout the entire event
Drives booth traffic with a raffle ticket redeemable at your exhibit booth
Creates a potential face-to-face interaction with every single attendee
Engages the brand with a positive association and increases sales opportunities 
Builds brand loyalty, ROI, and long-term sales growth 
Creates awareness and visibility while demonstrating community and corporate responsibility to individuals

Extend your Reach and further Monetize your Package

Adding a photo opportunity in conjunction with a social media contest expands your reach. #sponsorship

Provides an opportunity to get your marketing materials directly into the hands of every attendee

Generates social media content to reach
the at-home audience

Increases social media exposure by providing a photo opportunity in your booth

Gamify the package with a scavenger hunt

Bringing Potential Customers Right to Your Booth

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